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Who we are

Northumberland Living stands as a beacon of excellence in the North East’s housing market. As a premium developer, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in crafting luxury homes that seamlessly blend the timeless charm of the region with modern sophistication.

Our Company

Based in the heart of the North East, Northumberland Living is more than just a housing company. We’re a team of visionaries, craftsmen, and industry experts united by a passion for creating exceptional living spaces. Our collaborative approach brings together:

Experienced builders with a keen eye for quality and detail

Skilled planners who understand the intricacies of local regulations and community needs

Industry partners who provide cutting-edge solutions and materials

Our Approach

At Northumberland Living, we believe in honoring the rich architectural heritage of the North East while embracing the comforts of contemporary living. This philosophy is evident in every project we undertake:

Location Selection

We carefully choose stunning settings that showcase the natural beauty of the region, from rolling countryside to picturesque coastal areas.

Design Philosophy

Our designs pay homage to traditional country living, capturing the essence of rural charm. However, we don’t stop at nostalgia. We update these classic concepts with modern luxuries and conveniences that today’s discerning homeowners expect.

Innovative Features

Our homes boast open plan living areas that create a sense of space and freedom. We maximize natural light through the use of expansive bi-fold doors and generous skylights, creating an seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Sustainability Focus

We’re committed to using the very best in sustainable, local materials. This not only reduces our environmental impact but also ensures that our homes are built to last for generations.

Quality Craftsmanship

Every detail, from the foundation to the finishing touches, is executed with precision and care, resulting in homes of exceptional quality and durability.

Our Expertise

The leadership team at Northumberland Living brings a wealth of experience to every project:

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

Our team has honed their skills across various aspects of property development and construction.

Diverse Project Portfolio

We have a proven track record in both the sensitive restoration of listed buildings and the construction of new family homes. This versatility allows us to tackle a wide range of projects with confidence and expertise.

Significant Project Value

The total value of projects completed by our team exceeds £45 million, demonstrating our capability to handle large-scale, high-value developments.

Heritage Preservation

Our experience in restoring listed buildings showcases our commitment to preserving architectural heritage while adapting spaces for modern living.

Innovation in New Builds

When constructing new family homes, we incorporate the latest technologies and design trends to create spaces that are both functional and luxurious.

Our Vision

At Northumberland Living, we’re not just building houses; we’re creating homes that become part of the landscape and the community. We envision our properties as more than just places to live – they’re sanctuaries where families can grow, memories can be made, and a connection to the stunning North East surroundings can be fostered.

As we continue to develop our portfolio, we remain committed to our core values of quality, sustainability, and timeless design. Each Northumberland Living home is a testament to our dedication to crafting living spaces that not only meet the needs of today’s homeowners but stand as lasting legacies for future generations.

Our new project – Ravensmount Care Home – Alnwick, NE66 2QG

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